Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

20 bronze domino pendant TRAYS ONLYbeads, chain is NOT includedbeads, 25x50beads, 1 x 2 inch bezel for 24x48 glass insertbeads,glaze framebeads, domino setting



In stock



You jewelry blankwill jewelry blankreceive jewelry blank20 jewelry blankpcs jewelry blankof jewelry blankbronze jewelry blankdomino jewelry blankpendants. jewelry blankTRAYS jewelry blankONLY, jewelry blankCHAIN jewelry blankIS jewelry blankNOT jewelry blankINCLUDED. jewelry blank jewelry blank jewelry blank25x50, jewelry blank1 jewelry blankx jewelry blank2 jewelry blankinch jewelry blank jewelry blankrectangle jewelry blankbezel jewelry blankfor jewelry blank24x48 jewelry blankglass jewelry blankinsert. jewelry blank jewelry blank1 jewelry blankx jewelry blank2 jewelry blankinch jewelry blankglaze jewelry blankframe, jewelry blankdomino jewelry blanksetting jewelry blankLISTING jewelry blankIS jewelry blankFOR jewelry blankTRAY jewelry blankONLY, jewelry blankno jewelry blankglass jewelry blankor jewelry blankchain, jewelry blankbut jewelry blankthey jewelry blankare jewelry blankavailable jewelry blankin jewelry blankmy jewelry blankshop jewelry blankor jewelry blankI jewelry blankcan jewelry blankmake jewelry blanka jewelry blankspecial jewelry blankorder jewelry blankfor jewelry blankyou.NOTE: jewelry blank jewelry blankThey jewelry blankare jewelry blanktoo jewelry blankdeep jewelry blankfor jewelry blankmy jewelry blankepoxy jewelry blankstickers.Material: jewelry blank jewelry blankZinc jewelry blankalloy, jewelry blankfree jewelry blankof jewelry blanknickel, jewelry blankfree jewelry blankof jewelry blankleadThese jewelry blankare jewelry blanksturdy jewelry blankdomino jewelry blanksize jewelry blankframes jewelry blankthat jewelry blankwill jewelry blanknot jewelry blankwarp jewelry blankor jewelry blankbend. jewelry blankThey jewelry blankare jewelry blankcompletely jewelry blanksealed jewelry blankand jewelry blankmake jewelry blankideal jewelry blankresin jewelry blankframes.I jewelry blankalso jewelry blankcarry jewelry blankmatching jewelry blankglass jewelry blankinserts jewelry blankand jewelry blankrolo jewelry blankchain jewelry blanknecklaces.

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