Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

botanical, Golden Leaf Necklace



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Update springyour springfall springwardrobe springwith springhints springof springautumn springleaves. spring springNecklace springdesigned springand springhand springassembled springby springMary springAndrews, springa springjewelry springdesigner springand springArtist springdwelling springin springBrooklyn, springNY. springPiece springcomprised springof springa springdelicate springgold springtoned springleaf springfinding springwhich springhangs springfrom springa springgold springplated springchain springand springfinished springwith springa springgold springplated springwire springclasp.* springNecklace springchain springmeasures spring18 springinches springin springlength springand springcan springbe springcustomized springto springyour springdesired springlength, springleave springspecific springlength springin springmessage springto springseller springupon springcheckout.* springLeaf springcomponent springmeasures spring3 spring1/2 springinches springlong springand spring2 spring1/2 springinches springwide.* springMakes springa springgreat springupdate springto springany springoutfit, springspecial springevent, springoccasion, springas springwedding springjewelry, springbridesmaids springgifts, springor springa springgift springfor springyour springsweetheart springon springher springbirthday, springanniversary, springor springjust springbecause.

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