Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

jewelry, Ice Cave Combination Pin/Pendant



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"Ice polymer clayCave" polymer clayis polymer clayfitted polymer claywith polymer claya polymer claylocking polymer claybar polymer claypin, polymer claybut polymer clayalso polymer claycomes polymer claywith polymer claya polymer clayplastic polymer claysleeve, polymer clayso polymer claythat polymer claythe polymer claypin polymer claycan polymer claybe polymer clayconverted polymer clayto polymer claya polymer claypendant, polymer claydoubling polymer clayyour polymer claypleasure! polymer clay(photo polymer clayshows polymer claytypical polymer clayinstallation polymer clayof polymer claylocking polymer claybar polymer claypin polymer claywith polymer clayplastic polymer claysleeve polymer clayon polymer clayback polymer clayof polymer claypin) polymer clayCrafted polymer clayfrom polymer claya polymer claypalette polymer clayof polymer claydozens polymer clayof polymer claycolors polymer clayof polymer claypolymer polymer clayclay, polymer clayblended polymer clayand polymer claylayered polymer clayfor polymer claydimensionality polymer clayand polymer claycontrastEach polymer claypiece polymer clayis polymer claygiven polymer claya polymer claydistinctive polymer clayname.Dimensions: polymer clay2" polymer clayx polymer clay1.25" polymer clayrectangular polymer claypolymer polymer clayclay polymer claydisk

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