Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

polymer clay, Contemplative Monk Combination Pin/Pendant



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"Contemplative monksMonk" monksis monksfitted monkswith monksa monkslocking monksbar monkspin, monksbut monksalso monkscomes monksfeatures monksa monksbail monksso monksthat monksthe monkspin monkscan monksbe monksconverted monksto monksa monkspendant, monksdoubling monksyour monkspleasure! monks(photo monksshows monkstypical monksinstallation monksof monkslocking monksbar monkspin monkswith monksbail monkson monksback monksof monkspin) monksCrafted monksfrom monksa monkspalette monksof monksdozens monksof monkscolors monksof monkspolymer monksclay, monksblended monksand monkslayered monksfor monksdimensionality monksand monkscontrastEach monkspiece monksis monksgiven monksa monksdistinctive monksname.Dimensions: monks1.25" monksby monks1.5" monksoval monkspolymer monksclay monksdisk

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