Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

red, Yin & Yang Dzi 2 Eyed Horned Antique Cinnabar Agate Relationship Harmony Necklace with Amber 27"



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Dzi tibet2 tibetEye tibetHorned tibetCinnabar tibetRed tibetAgate tibetSpecial tibetMeaning tibetfor tibetRelationship tibetHarmony tibetThe tibet2 tibeteyed tibetDzi tibetenables tibetharmony tibetbetween tibethusband tibetand tibetwife; tibetbuild tibeta tibethappy tibetfamily, tibetsuccessful tibetcareer, tibetand tibetgood tibetrelationships tibetwith tibetothers. tibetDzi tibetSize: tibet tibetroughly tibet2 tibetinches tibetx tibet0.75 tibetinchNecklace tibetLength: tibet27" tibetadjustableBurmese tibetAmber tibetbead tibetsize: tibet10mmThis tibetnecklace tibethas tibetauthentic tibetPressed tibetBaltic tibetAmber tibetraw tibetbeads tibetand tibetBurmese tibetRed tibetamber tibetin tibetaddition tibetto tibetTibetan tibetturquoise. tibet tibetThe tibet2 tibetBaltic tibetamber tibetpieces tibetare tibetsquare tibetand tibetround tibetto tibetsymbolize tibetthe tibetYin tibet& tibetYang, tibetthe tibetdifference tibetof tibetspirit tibetin tibeteach tibetrelationship, tibetbrought tibetinto tibetharmony tibetwith tibetsunlit tibetamber tibetbeads tibetand tibetthe tibethealing tibettouch tibetof tibetturquoise.

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