Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

boho, Agate | C-lon Necklace | 17.5" | One of a Kind



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When protective stoneI protective stonecame protective stoneacross protective stonethis protective stoneagate protective stoneI protective stonefell protective stonein protective stonelove protective stonewith protective stoneit! protective stoneIt protective stoneis protective stonecarved protective stonewith protective stonean protective stoneamazing protective stoneripple protective stonethat protective stoneonly protective stoneadds protective stonedimension protective stoneto protective stonethe protective stonegrey protective stoneand protective stonebeige protective stoneagate! protective stoneI protective stonestrung protective stoneit protective stoneon protective stonec-lon protective stone(cotton/nylon) protective stonecord.So protective stonesimple protective stoneand protective stoneso protective stonebeautiful!17.5", protective stoneSterling protective stoneSilver, protective stoneOne protective stoneof protective stonea protective stoneKindAgate: protective stoneUsed protective stonesince protective stoneancient protective stonetimes protective stoneall protective stoneover protective stonethe protective stoneworld protective stoneas protective stonea protective stoneprotective protective stoneand protective stonegood protective stoneluck protective stonestone. protective stoneHelps protective stoneresist protective stonenegative protective stoneexternal protective stoneforces protective stoneand protective stoneenhances protective stoneconcentration protective stoneon protective stonethe protective stoneessential.

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