Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Antique Vintage Wooden Letterpress Block Necklacesymbol, Letter I or L



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One printof printa printkind printnecklace printis printcomprised printof printan printantique printvintage printwooden printletterpress printblock printstick printwith printrubber printletter printhead printfeaturing printa printcapital printletter printI. printI printcreated printthis printpendant printby printsawing printdown printthe printlonger printwooden printstick, printdrilling printa printhole printthrough printthe printside printand printsanding printthe printedges printdown. printReclaimed printblock printshows printnatural printwear printfrom printage printand printhangs printfrom printa printgold printplated printchain printand printwire printclasp. printNecklace printwas printdesigned printand printassembled printby printMary printAndrews, printa printjewelry printdesigner printand printArtist printdwelling printin printBrooklyn, printNY.* printNecklace printchain printmeasures print24 printinches printin printlength.* printPerfect printas printa printpersonalized printgift printwith printinitial, printmonogram, printfavorite printletter, printor printother printcreative printuse printfor printa printpersonalized printletter.* printThis printis printthe printonly printletter printI printversion printI printhave printof printthis printpendant. printSee printthe printother printletter printversions printI printhave printavailable printhere: printhttp://www./search_results_shop.php?search_query=letterpress&search_type=user_shop_ttt_id_1751SPECIAL printNOTES: print--------------------------Thanks printso printmuch printfor printtaking printa printpeek printand printplease printhave printa printlook printaround printthe printrest printof printthe printshop: printcontrary..

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