Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

White freshwater pearl cluster pendant925 sterling silver, thirty individual wire-wrapped AA 5-6mm round pearls925 sterling silver, 925 sterling silver tube chain



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A sterling claspdainty sterling claspfreshwater sterling claspwhite sterling clasppearl sterling claspand sterling clasp.925 sterling claspsterling sterling claspsilver sterling claspcluster sterling clasppendant. sterling claspEach sterling claspof sterling claspthe sterling claspthirty sterling claspwhite sterling claspround sterling clasppearls sterling claspis sterling claspindividually sterling claspwire-wrapped sterling claspwith sterling claspa sterling claspsterling sterling claspsilver sterling claspball sterling clasppin sterling claspand sterling claspdangle sterling claspfrom sterling claspsterling sterling claspsilver sterling clasplock sterling claspjump sterling clasprings. sterling claspThese sterling clasppretty sterling claspcultured sterling clasppearls sterling clasphave sterling claspa sterling clasphigh sterling claspgrade sterling claspof sterling claspAA sterling claspand sterling claspare sterling claspbetween sterling clasp5-6mm sterling claspin sterling claspsize. sterling claspThis sterling claspelegant sterling clasppearl sterling claspcluster sterling claspis sterling claspfinished sterling claspwith sterling claspa sterling clasphandmade sterling claspsterling sterling claspsilver sterling clasptubular sterling claspchain sterling claspand sterling claspclasp. sterling claspI sterling claspused sterling claspa sterling claspnice sterling claspsized sterling clasp10x4mm sterling claspsterling sterling claspbail sterling claspin sterling claspcase sterling claspyou sterling claspwish sterling claspto sterling claspuse sterling claspa sterling claspdifferent sterling clasptype sterling claspof sterling claspchain.Please sterling claspchoose sterling claspyour sterling claspchain sterling clasplength.Pearls sterling claspare sterling clasp'timeless' sterling claspand sterling claspcan sterling claspbe sterling claspworn sterling claspdaily sterling claspor sterling claspon sterling claspany sterling claspspecial sterling claspoccasion. sterling claspWe sterling clasphave sterling claspput sterling clasptogether sterling claspa sterling claspfew sterling claspfacts sterling claspabout sterling clasppearls sterling claspin sterling claspour sterling claspFAQ's sterling claspsection sterling claspto sterling clasphelp sterling claspyou sterling claspwith sterling claspyour sterling clasppearl sterling claspselections.Deborah sterling claspAnn sterling claspMac sterling claspManes, sterling claspartist/designer sterling clasp<>

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