Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

leather necklace, Brecciated Jasper | Haitian Ceramic | Deerskin Leather | Long Necklace | 23"



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Soft layering necklaceyellow layering necklacedeerskin layering necklaceleather layering necklacewith layering necklacea layering necklacebrecciated layering necklacejasper, layering necklacea layering necklacecopper layering necklacebead, layering necklaceand layering necklacea layering necklaceceramic layering necklacebead layering necklacemade layering necklaceby layering necklaceHaitian layering necklaceartisans... layering necklaceSimple, layering necklaceorganic, layering necklaceand layering necklaceso layering necklacevery layering necklacecool!23" layering necklace+ layering necklace1.5", layering necklaceOne layering necklaceof layering necklacea layering necklaceKindBrecciated layering necklaceJasper: layering necklaceEases layering necklacestress layering necklaceand layering necklaceencourages layering necklacehappiness layering necklacewhile layering necklaceenhancing layering necklacea layering necklacesense layering necklaceof layering necklacewholeness.

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