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ceramic brooch, Handprinted Blue and Yellow Ceramic Brooch Set



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Ceramic blue flowerHandprinted blue flowerFlower blue flowerBrooch blue flowerSet! blue flowerA blue flowerfun blue flowerset blue flowerand blue flowerstatement blue flowerpiece blue flowerset blue flowerto blue flowercheer blue flowerup blue floweryour blue flowerwardrobe!Measurements blue flowerapproximate;Small blue flowerBlue blue flowerBrooch- blue flower1 blue flower1/2" blue flowerx blue flower1"Yellow blue flowerFlower blue flowerBrooch- blue flower2" blue flowerx blue flower1 blue flower1/4"Just blue flowerask blue flowerif blue floweryou blue flowerhave blue flowerany blue flowerquestions. blue flowerApproximate blue flowermeasurements, blue floweras blue flowerclose blue flowerto blue floweractual blue floweras blue flowerpossible. blue flowerLook blue flowerat blue flowerphotos blue floweras blue flowerwell blue flowerfor blue flowerscale. blue flowerBased blue floweron blue flowersome blue flowerof blue flowerthe blue flowerabstract blue flowerpatterns blue flowerand blue flowerillustrations blue flowerin blue flowermy blue flowerart.

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