Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

pink sapphire, 1.60ct. Emerald cut pink Sapphire.



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Shape: emerald cutEmerald emerald cutcut.Weight: emerald cut1.60 emerald cutct. emerald cutMeasurements: emerald cut7.3x5.5x3.77Clarity: emerald cutVSTreatment: emerald cutNone, emerald cut100% emerald cutNatural emerald cutI emerald cuthave emerald cutmounting emerald cutavailable emerald cutfor emerald cutthis emerald cutstone, emerald cutincluding emerald cutRings emerald cutand emerald cutPendants, emerald cutplease emerald cutcontact emerald cutme emerald cutfor emerald cutmore emerald cutdetail.Sincerely!Master emerald cutJeweler

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