Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage sterling, Huge Coro Sterling Gold Wash Bow Brooch 25gms



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THIS coro pinITEM coro pinIS coro pinAVAILABLE coro pinFOR coro pinSALEThis coro pinvery coro pinimpressive coro pingold coro pinwash coro pinover coro pinsterling coro pinsilver coro pinbow coro pinbrooch coro pinhas coro pinthe coro pinCoro coro pinlogo coro pinin coro pinscript coro pinand coro pinis coro pinstamped coro pinsterling. coro pinIt coro pinmeasures coro pin3 coro pin1/2 coro pininches coro pinacross coro pinand coro pin1 coro pin7/8 coro pininch coro pinwide coro pinand coro pinweighs coro pinin coro pinat coro pina coro pingenerous coro pin25gms. coro pinIt coro pinshows coro pinminimal coro pinwear coro pinto coro pinthe coro pinsurface coro pinand coro pinthe coro pinoverall coro pincondition coro pinis coro pingood.

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