Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

1940s Retro Vintage Floral Broochfloral brooch, Red Floral Rhinestone Broochfloral brooch, Floral Spray Broochfloral brooch, Floral Rhinestone Jewelryfloral brooch, Retro Rhinestone Pin



In stock



This retro jewelryis retro jewelryan retro jewelryabsolutely retro jewelrystunning retro jewelrylarge retro jewelryvintage retro jewelryRetro retro jewelryMid retro jewelryCentury retro jewelry1940's retro jewelryfloral retro jewelrybrooch! retro jewelryDone retro jewelryin retro jewelrya retro jewelryrhodium retro jewelryfinish, retro jewelrythis retro jewelrybreathtaking retro jewelrystatement retro jewelrypin retro jewelryfeatures retro jewelrythree retro jewelrybeautifully retro jewelrydetailed retro jewelryflowers. retro jewelryAt retro jewelrythe retro jewelrycenter retro jewelryof retro jewelryeach retro jewelryflower retro jewelryrests retro jewelrya retro jewelrybrilliant retro jewelryfaceted retro jewelryfire retro jewelryred retro jewelrycrystal retro jewelryset retro jewelryin retro jewelrya retro jewelryframe retro jewelryof retro jewelrydiamante retro jewelrypave retro jewelryset retro jewelrycrystal retro jewelrypetals. retro jewelryThis retro jewelryis retro jewelrya retro jewelrytrue retro jewelrybeauty, retro jewelryand retro jewelrywill retro jewelrybe retro jewelrya retro jewelrywonderful retro jewelryaddition retro jewelryto retro jewelryyour retro jewelrycollection, retro jewelryand retro jewelryperfect retro jewelryfor retro jewelrycruise, retro jewelryevening, retro jewelryand retro jewelrybridal retro jewelrywedding retro jewelryoccasions! retro jewelry~ retro jewelryMEASUREMENT: retro jewelry2" retro jewelrywide retro jewelryx retro jewelry3-1/2" retro jewelry~ retro jewelryCONDITION: retro jewelryExcellent. retro jewelryIt retro jewelryis retro jewelrybecoming retro jewelryincreasingly retro jewelrydifficult retro jewelryto retro jewelryfind retro jewelryexquisite retro jewelrybrooches retro jewelrysuch retro jewelryas retro jewelrythis, retro jewelryin retro jewelrythis retro jewelryamazing retro jewelrycondition! retro jewelryAll retro jewelrystones retro jewelryare retro jewelryintact, retro jewelrybright retro jewelryand retro jewelrybeautiful! retro jewelry~ retro jewelrySIGNED: retro jewelryUnsigned, retro jewelrybut retro jewelrydefinite retro jewelryquality retro jewelryby retro jewelrya retro jewelryhigh retro jewelrydesigner!Item retro jewelryID:4CT710*** retro jewelryBe retro jewelrysure retro jewelryto retro jewelryview retro jewelrymore retro jewelryjewelry retro jewelryand retro jewelryaccessory retro jewelryitems retro jewelryat: retro jewelrywww./shop/aplaceofdistinction*** retro jewelryDon’t retro jewelrymiss retro jewelrymy retro jewelryhome retro jewelrydécor retro jewelryshop retro jewelryat: retro jewelrywww./shop/chanteclairinteriors*** retro jewelryView retro jewelrymy retro jewelryvintage retro jewelrylinen, retro jewelrylace retro jewelryand retro jewelrymillinery retro jewelryitems retro jewelryat: retro jewelrywww./shop/thelaceemporium++++++

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