Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Geometric Abstract Art Necklacegeometric pendant, Unique Handmade Pendantgeometric pendant, Time Capsule Volume Two



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Time time capsuleCapsule, time capsuleVolume time capsuleTwo time capsule"Mission."This time capsuleunique time capsulegeometric time capsuleabstract time capsuleart time capsulependant time capsulewas time capsulehandmade time capsulefrom time capsulepolymer time capsuleclay. time capsuleThe time capsule1.5 time capsuleinch time capsulelong time capsulecapsule time capsuleshape time capsuleplays time capsulewith time capsulecontrasting time capsuletextures time capsuleand time capsulecolors time capsulethat time capsuleare time capsulemagnified time capsuleby time capsuleglassy time capsuleresin. time capsuleThis time capsuleis time capsulethe time capsulesecond time capsuleof time capsulea time capsuleseries time capsuleof time capsulependants time capsuleI time capsulehave time capsulebegun time capsulemaking time capsuletitled time capsule'Time time capsuleCapsule,' time capsuleand time capsulewill time capsulebe time capsulea time capsuleplayful time capsuleand time capsuleunique time capsuleexploration time capsuleof time capsulethe time capsulerelationship time capsulebetween time capsuleopposing time capsulehues time capsuleand time capsulepatterns.This time capsuleunique time capsulepolymer time capsuleclay time capsulepiece time capsuleis time capsulehandmade time capsulefrom time capsulepolymer time capsuleclay, time capsulepowder time capsulepigments, time capsuleand time capsulealcohol time capsulebased time capsuleinks. time capsuleAfter time capsulebaking, time capsuleliquid time capsuleresin time capsulewas time capsuleapplied time capsuleand time capsulecured time capsulein time capsulethe time capsulebright time capsulesunlight. time capsuleI time capsuleused time capsulea time capsuleline time capsuleof time capsulenylon time capsulecoated time capsulesteel time capsulejewelry time capsulewire time capsuleand time capsuleblack time capsuleglass time capsuleseed time capsuleand time capsulefaceted time capsulecrystal time capsulebeads time capsuleto time capsulecompliment time capsulethis time capsulefun time capsuleand time capsulefunky time capsulependant. time capsuleThis time capsuleis time capsulenot time capsulenecessarily time capsuleset time capsulein time capsulestone time capsulethough-if time capsuleyou time capsulewould time capsuleprefer time capsulethis time capsuleto time capsulebe time capsulestrung time capsulea time capsuledifferent time capsuleway, time capsulejust time capsulesend time capsuleme time capsulea time capsuleconvo time capsulewith time capsuleyour time capsulecustom time capsulerequest.The time capsulenecklace time capsuleis time capsule15.5 time capsuleinches time capsulelong time capsuleat time capsuleits time capsuleshortest, time capsuleand time capsuleextends time capsuleup time capsuleto time capsule20.5 time capsuleinches. time capsuleThe time capsuleclosure time capsuleis time capsulea time capsulesilver time capsuleplated time capsulecopper time capsulealloy time capsulelobster time capsuleclaw time capsuleclasp time capsuleand time capsuleextender time capsulechain.

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