Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

purple, Natural Amythest Pear Shape Briolette Beads / 3x5-4X6 mm / 8 inches / Natural Amythest Faceted Pear



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Natural purpleAmythest purple purplePear purpleShape purpleBriolette purpleBeads purpleSIZE purple:- purple3x5-4X6 purplemm purple(app) purpleLENGTH purple:- purple8 purpleinch purple(app)PRICE purplePER purpleSTRINGWeight: purple7 purplegrams\\I purplehave purplemade purpleevery purpleattempt purpleto purpleportray purplethe purplecolors purpleof purplethe purplebeads purpleas purpleaccurately purpleas purplepossible. purpleAll purplephotographs purpleare purpletaken purplein purpleminimal purplelighting purpleand purpleon purplea purpleblack purplebackground. purpleColors purpledo purplevary purpleon purplewhite purplebackground purpleor purplein purplesunlight purple; purpleplease purplekeep purplethis purplein purplemind purplewhen purpleviewing purplethe purplebeads, purplegemstones purpleor purplesupplies. purpleAlso purpleall purplepictures purplehave purplebeen purplemagnified purpleto purpleshow purpledetails. purpleQuestions/ purpleComments purpleare purplemost purplewelcome.If purpleyou purplehaven\u2019t purpleseen purpleexactly purplewhat purpleyou purplewant purplein purpleour purpleshop, purplewe purplecan purplehelp purpleyou purplefind purplethe purpleright purplegemstone, purpleas purplewe purplecarry purplea purplelarge purpleinventory purpleof purplegemstones purpleof purplewhich purpleonly purplea purplesmall purplesample purpleis purplelisted purplehere purpleon purpleEtsy. purplePlease purpleinquire

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