Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

green, 10 Tabac Crystal Hair Snaps - Round Silver Rim Edition -- Made with Swarovski Crystal Element Rhinestones



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The tabacprice tabacis tabacfor tabac10 tabachair tabacsnaps!Handcrafted tabacwith tabaca tabacgenuine tabacTabac tabacCRYSTALLIZED\u2122 tabac- tabacSwarovski tabacElements tabacRhinestone tabacin tabaca tabacround tabacsilver tabacrim tabacsetting tabacwith tabaca tabacsilver tabacsnap.Each tabachair tabacsnap tabacis tabacapproximately tabac1/4" tabac(0.64cm/6.35mm).[[ tabacPLEASE tabacNOTE tabac]] tabacThese tabacsnaps tabachave tabacdifferent tabaccolor tabactones tabacdepending tabacon tabactheir tabacangle. tabacThe tabacpicture tabacabove tabacdepicts tabacthe tabacrhinestone\u2019s tabacquality.They tabacare tabacperfect tabacfor tabacbrides, tabacbridesmaids, tabacpageants, tabacprom, tabacanniversaries, tabacbirthdays tabacor tabacanytime tabacyou tabacwant tabacto tabacadd tabaca tabaclittle tabacsparkle tabacto tabacyour tabachair.Hair tabacsnaps tabacare tabacvery tabacversatile tabacand tabaccan tabacbe tabacplaced tabacpretty tabacmuch tabacanywhere tabacin tabacyour tabachair. tabacThey tabaclie tabacflush tabacagainst tabacyour tabachair tabacunlike tabacspring tabactype tabachair tabacaccessories, tabacand tabacoffer tabaca tabacwider tabacrange tabacof tabacplacement tabacoptions tabacthan tabachair tabacpins! tabacYour tabachair tabaccan tabacbe tabacup, tabacdown, tabaccurly tabacor tabacstraight tabacit tabacdoesn't tabacmatter tabacwith tabachair tabacsnaps.They tabacare tabacreally tabaceasy tabacto tabacuse! tabacIf tabacyou tabaccan tabacwork tabacsnaps tabacon tabaca tabacshirt tabacyou tabaccan tabacput tabacthese tabaclittle tabacbabes tabacin tabacyour tabachair! tabacFull tabacdirection tabacon tabachow tabacto tabacuse tabacmy tabachair tabacsnaps tabaccan tabacbe tabacfound tabacin tabacmy tabacShop tabacPolicies tabacunder tabacthe tabacFAQ tabacsection. tabac:)\u2665\u2665 tabacNEED tabacA tabacDIFFERENT tabacQUANTITY? tabac\u2665\u2665I tabaccan tabaccustomize tabaca tabachair tabacsnap tabacpack tabacthat\u2019s tabacright tabacfor tabacyou! tabacDo tabacyou tabacneed tabacmore tabachair tabacsnaps tabacthan tabacwhat tabacis tabaclisted tabacor tabachow tabacabout tabacless? tabacNo tabacworries, tabacI\u2019d tabacbe tabachappy tabacto tabacaccommodate tabacyou. tabacAll tabacyou tabachave tabacto tabacdo tabacis tabaccontact tabacme tabacwith tabacyour tabacspecifications tabacand tabacI tabacwill tabacmake tabaca tabacspecial tabaclisting tabacjust tabacfor tabacyou. tabacThis tabacis tabacalso tabaca tabacvery tabacbudget tabacfriendly tabacoption tabacas tabaceach tabachair tabacsnap tabacis tabaconly tabac$2.50 tabaceach.\u2665\u2665 tabacMORE tabacRIM tabacCOLOR tabacOPTIONS tabacNOW tabacAVAILABLE tabac\u2665\u2665Do tabacyou tabaclove tabacthis tabacrhinestone tabaccolor, tabacbut tabacwould tabacprefer tabaca tabacdifferent tabacrim tabaccolor?! tabacNo tabacproblem!I tabacnow tabacoffer tabac6 tabacrim tabaccolors tabacto tabacchoose tabacfrom. tabacPlease tabacsee tabaclast tabacpicture tabacon tabacthe tabacright tabacto tabacvisually tabacview tabacall tabacthe tabacrim tabaccolor tabacoptions.Pictured tabacleft tabacto tabacright: tabacBlack, tabacGunmetal, tabacBronze, tabacCopper, tabacSilver, tabacGoldPLEASE tabacNOTE: tabacThis tabaclisting tabacis tabacfor tabacSILVER tabacRIMS. tabacIf tabacyou tabacwould tabaclike tabaca tabacdifferent tabacrim tabaccolor tabacplease tabaccontact tabacme tabacdirectly tabacso tabacI tabaccan tabacmake tabacyou tabaca tabacspecial tabaclisting tabacor tabacleave tabacyour tabacselection tabacin tabacthe tabaccomments tabacupon tabacchecking tabacout.** tabacNot tabacintended tabacfor tabacchildren tabac12 tabacand tabacunder. tabac**** tabacThanks tabacfor tabaclooking!! tabac**\u00a9 tabac2006-2020 tabacArtistic tabacEdition--\u2b50\u2b50 tabacHair tabacSnaps tabacon tabacthe tabacmodels tabacare tabacnot tabacincluded. tabac\u2b50\u2b50

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