Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

christmas, Long Necklace Made With Red Glass Beads And Golden Metal Beads



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Very longlong longnecklace longwith longfaceted longred longbeads longand longfiligree longgolden longbeads. long longThe longbeads longare longstrung longon longa longvery longstrong longblack longsoft longnylon longover longtwisted longwires. long longThe longnecklace longmeasures long30 longinches longbut longcan longbe longshortened longupon longrequest. long longA longcustom longcolor longand longmetal longcan longbe longmade longif longyou longcontact longme.The longnecklace longcomes longin longa longgift longbox longand longships longfirst longclass longin longa longpadded longenvelope.

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