Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage pendant, Emerald and Crystal Rhinestone Pendant Brooch



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This green crystalbeautiful green crystalemerald green crystalgreen green crystaland green crystalcrystal green crystalrhinestone green crystalpendant green crystalis green crystalalso green crystala green crystalbrooch. green crystalIt green crystalis green crystalgoldtone green crystaland green crystalalthough green crystalit green crystalhas green crystalno green crystalmarkings green crystalmany green crystalof green crystalthese green crystaltypes green crystalof green crystalpieces green crystalwere green crystalgold green crystalfilled. green crystalIt green crystalmeasures green crystal3 green crystalinches green crystallong green crystaland green crystalis green crystal1 green crystal3/4 green crystalinches green crystalwide. green crystalThe green crystalattached green crystalchain green crystalis green crystalchoker green crystallength green crystalat green crystal16 green crystalinches green crystaland green crystalhas green crystala green crystallocking green crystal"C" green crystalclasp. green crystalThe green crystalgreen green crystalstones green crystalare green crystalprong green crystalset green crystalsquare green crystalcut green crystaland green crystalteardrop green crystaland green crystalthe green crystalcrystal green crystalstones green crystalare green crystalround green crystalcut green crystalprong green crystalset. green crystalThe green crystalcondition green crystalis green crystalgood.

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