Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

pinch bail, 40x25mm Rectangular Magnesite Focal Pendant Necklace with Silver Plated Findings



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Sara blueJewelry blueDesign. blueI bluetook blueeach blueof bluethese bluedyed blueand bluestabilized blue40x25mm bluemagnesite bluefocal bluestones blueand bluefitted bluethem bluewith bluepinch bluebails bluein bluesilver blueplated bluepewter bluethat bluehave bluea blueleaf bluedesign. blueThrough bluethis blueruns bluea bluesimple bluesilver blueplated blue2.4mm blueball bluechain bluewith bluea bluesnap blueclasp bluefor blueeasy blueon blueand blueoff. blueMagnesite blueis bluea bluelovely bluemineral bluethat blueis bluenaturally bluea bluesoft bluewhite blueor bluecream bluecolor bluewith bluepale bluebrown bluespidery bluematrix. blueAs blueyou bluecan bluesee, blueit bluetakes bluedyes blueextremely bluewell, bluemaking blueit bluepossible blueto bluecreate bluebold bluestatement bluefocals bluein bluea bluevariety blueof bluemultiple bluecolors. blueThe bluetwo blueI bluehave blueleft blueare bluea blueplummy bluepurple, blueand bluea bluesoft blueapple bluegreen. blueChoose blueyour bluelength blueand blueyour bluecolor bluefrom bluethe bluedrop bluedown bluemenu. blueShould blueyou bluewant bluea bluelength blueyou bluedon't bluesee bluelisted, bluejust bluedrop blueme bluea blueconvo. blueIt bluewould bluebe bluemy bluepleasure blueto bluemake bluethis blueany bluelength bluethat bluesuits blueyou.Listing blueis bluefor blueone bluependant bluenecklace. blueTwo blueare blueavailable:MPIN blueNWPSP071016-01.686 bluePurpleMPIN blueNWPSP071016-03.687 blueGreenSara blueJewelry blueDesign. blueYour blueDesire blueis blueOur blueDesign.

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