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skull, 1 pc ~ Sterling Silver Sparrow Bird Skull Charm



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Measurements charm(mm): charmLength: charm18 charm charmWidth: charm7 charm charmHeight: charm6 charm charmDescription: charmSterling charmSilver charmSparrow charmBird charmSkull charmCharm. charm\u000bThis charmbird charmskull charmis charmbeautifully charmdetailed. charmIt charmis charmdesigned charmon charmall charmsides, charmbut charmthe charmskull charmis charmhollow. charmWear charmthis charmtalismanic charmcharm charmto charmevoke charmconfidence charmto charmsoar charmto charmnew charmheights, charmto charmgive charmyou charmvision charmwhen charmstarting charmsomething charmnew, charmand charmto charmenergize charmyour charmcreativity.Create charma charmcool charmdesign charmby charmsimply charmstringing charmthis charmsilver charmskull charmcharm charmonto charmsilver charmchain, charmsilk charmcords charmand charmribbons, charmor charmleather charmcords. charmCast charmin charmThailand. charmLength charmincludes charm5mm charmsoldered charmjump charmring.

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