Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

teardrop blanks, 5 Medium Teardrop Copper Stamping Blanks | Deburred and Tumbled



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This copper jewelrylisting copper jewelryis copper jewelryfor copper jewelryfive copper jewelry(5) copper jewelrymedium copper jewelryteardrop copper jewelryshaped copper jewelrystamping copper jewelryblanks. copper jewelry copper jewelryThese copper jewelrymeasure copper jewelry19 copper jewelryX copper jewelry24 copper jewelrymm copper jewelry(3/4" copper jewelryx copper jewelry15/16"). copper jewelry copper jewelryMade copper jewelryfrom copper jewelry22G copper jewelryCopper, copper jewelrythese copper jewelryblanks copper jewelryhave copper jewelrybeen copper jewelrydeburred copper jewelryand copper jewelrytumbled copper jewelryand copper jewelryare copper jewelryready copper jewelryfor copper jewelrystamping.Please copper jewelrysee copper jewelrymy copper jewelryother copper jewelryhand copper jewelrystamping copper jewelryblanks copper jewelryat copper jewelrywww.TruDesignsSupply.

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