Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

7 1/2" long Black leather fringe tassel earrings with brass filigree cones and French hooksblack earrings, overall lenght includes the earwire



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Artisan black fringecrafted black fringein black fringeUSA black fringeReady black fringeto black fringeship7 black fringe1/2" black fringelong black fringeBlack black fringeLeather black fringeTassel black fringeearrings black fringewith black fringebrass black fringetone black fringecones black fringeand black fringeFrench black fringehooks, black fringeoverall black fringelenght black fringeincludes black fringethe black fringeearwire. black fringeLeather black fringeis black fringerazor black fringecut black fringeby black fringehand.Shipping black fringewithin black fringethe black fringeUSA black fringevia black fringeUSPS black fringewith black fringeDelivery black fringeConfirmation.

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