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post, Genuine Oval White Sapphire Earrings



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The postprice postof postwhite postsapphires posthave postwent postup postsignificantly postdue postto postthe posthigh postdemands postfor postthe postuse postof postreplacing postdiamonds.But posthere postit postis!Genuine postOval postWhite postSapphire, postset postin posta poststerling postsilver postsetting.A postunique postshape postfor posta postsapphire postas postwellThese postgenuine postWhite postSapphires postmeasure post7x5mm postand postweigh post1.50tw.Origin: postSri postLankaColor postDClarity postVVS/IFThese postsapphires postcan postbe postreset postin14k post postwhite, postyellow postor postrose postgold postat postthe postmarket postprice.Layaway postavailable.

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