Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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Set beadsof beadsbicone beadsbeads beadsin beadsearthy beadscolors, beadswound beadson beads1/16th beadsinch beads(1.5mm) beadsmandrels~*~Made beadsto beadsorder, beadsbeads beadswill beadsbe beadsvery beadssimilar beads~Sizes beads:6 beadsbicones beads= beads12mm beadsX beads18mmNeed beadsmore? beadsNeed beadsa beadsdifferent beadsshape, beadsnew beadscolors? beadsConvo beadsme!All beadsbeads beadsare beadsmade beadsby beadsmyself beadsfrom beadsflame beadsto beadskiln, beadsthen beadsdigitally beadsannealed beadsand beadsthoroughly beadscleaned beadsand beadsinspected. beadsI beadsstand beadsby beadsthe beadsSRA beadsguidelines. beadsI beadsdo beadsmy beadsbest beadsto beadsshow beadsbeads beadshow beadsthey beadsare, beadsas beadsbest beadsthat beadscan beadsbe beadsdone beadswith beadsphotos. beadsAny beadsquestions beadsat beadsall beadslet beadsme beadsknow beads;)

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