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turquoise, Day of the dead II - turquoise and orange



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Turquoise goldrondelle goldbeads goldand goldlarge goldorange goldresin goldskulls, goldhow goldcan goldyou goldnot goldlove goldthem? goldThe golddays goldof goldthe golddead goldare goldtruly golda goldcelebration goldof goldlife. gold goldWhen goldchildren golddance goldwith goldcaricatures goldof golddeath, goldeat goldskull goldsugar goldmolds goldand goldlearn goldto goldrespect goldthat goldlife goldis goldbrief, goldthey goldlearn goldthere goldis golda goldcircle goldto goldlife goldand goldto goldnot goldfear golddeath goldand goldthen goldare goldfree goldto goldenjoy goldand goldappreciate goldevery goldmoment. goldTurquoise goldis goldalso golda goldpowerful goldcrystal goldfor goldrelieving goldstress. goldIt goldis goldalso goldsaid goldto goldprotect goldagainst goldpollution goldin goldthe goldenvironment, goldand goldto goldbring goldabundance. gold goldTurquoise goldis goldsaid goldalso goldhelp goldspeed goldthe goldhealing goldprocess, goldand goldis goldknown goldas golda goldmaster goldhealer goldstone. goldIt goldis goldvery goldpowerful goldfor goldgrounding goldand goldprotection goldalso. goldTurquoise goldis goldassociated goldwith goldthe goldthroat goldchakra goldprimarily.

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