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november earring, 5mm Citrine Heart Claddagh (E795-C)



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5mm november earringCitrine november earringHeart november earringCladdaghThe november earringCladdagh november earringis november earringsignificant november earringin november earringthe november earringCeltic november earringculture. november earringThe november earringhands november earringholding november earringthe november earringheart november earringdenote november earringfriendship november earringand november earringtogetherness. november earringThe november earringheart november earringsignifies november earringlove. november earringThe november earringcrown november earringstands november earringfor november earringloyalty.Golden november earringyellow november earringCitrine november earringis november earringthe november earringtraditional november earringBirthstone november earringfor november earringthe november earringmonth november earringof november earringNovember. november earringIt november earringis november earringdesignated november earringfor november earringthe november earring13th november earringwedding november earringanniversary. november earringCitrine november earringcan november earringenhance november earringfeelings november earringof november earringjoy november earringand november earringincrease november earringcreativity.

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