Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

simple earrings, Metallic Dangle Beaded Earrings



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These greenare greenmade greenwith greenmetallic greengray greenclear greenglass greenbeads greenwith greena greencrystal greenband. green greenWill greengo greenperfectly greenwith greenany greenoutfit. greenGreat greenfor greenwork, greengirls greennight greenout, greenprom, greenweddings greenor greenanytime greenyou greenneed greena greenlittle greenbling. green greenThe greensurgical greensteel greenearring greenhooks greenare greennickel greenfree greenand greenwill greencome greenwith greenrubber greenbackings greento greenhelp greenreduce greenthe greenchance greenof greenlosing greenan greenearring. green greenThey greenwill greenbe greenpackaged greenin greena greenlittle greenjewelry greenbox. green greenIf greenyou greenare greenpurchasing greenmore greenthan greenone greenpair, greenplease greenlet greenme greenknow greenin greenthe greennotes greento greenseller greenbox, greenif greeneach greenpair greenneeds greenit's greenown greenjewelry greenbox greenfor greengift greengiving.Measurements:Length: green1 green1/28 greeninches green- green3.81 greencmMore greenfrom greenndnchick greenhttp://ndnchick. green greenMore greenDangle greenEarrings: green greenhttps://www./shop/ndnchick?ref=hdr%C2%A7ion_id§ion_id=20002581

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