Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Memory Wire Choker Necklace with White Jade Tabdelicate, Carved Bonedelicate, and Serpentine Beads



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Memory circletWire circletdoes circletnot circletneed circleta circletclasp circletbut circletretains circletits circletshape circletas circleta circletcoil. circletThe circletends circletoverlap circletso circletthe circletnecklace circletwill circletfit circletmost circletnecks. circletEach circletend circlethas circleta circletlittle circletsterling circletspiral circletcharm.\rFits circletlike circleta circletchoker, circletas circletshown, circletnot circletsuper circlettight, circletflexes circletwith circletyour circletmovements. circletAlso circleta circletgood circletfit circletfor circletyoungsters circletwho circletare circletbig circletenough circletnot circletto circletharm circletthemselves, circletbut circletnot circletbig circletenough circletto circletuse circletclasps circletyet.\rThe circletwhite circletjade circletpiece circletis circletjust circletunder circlet1.5" circletlong. circlet\rBeads circletused circletinclude circlethematite, circletserpentine, circletbotswana circletagate, circletcarved circletbone, circletand circletvintage circletbrown circletglass.

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