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Perfect the warriorfor the warriorthe the warriorAries the warriorin the warrioryour the warriorlife the warriorwith the warriora the warriorBirthday the warriorbetween the warriorMarch the warrior21 the warriorand the warriorApril the warrior19. the warriorNecklace the warriorcomprised the warriorof the warriora the warriorthick the warriordetailed the warriorbrass the warriorAries the warriorram the warriorastrology the warriorcharm the warriorhanging the warriorfrom the warrioran the warriorornate the warriorpleated the warriorbrass the warriorgarland the warriorand the warriorgold the warriorplated the warriorchain.\r\rAs the warriorseen the warriorin the warriorRefinery29: the warrior\r\rDETAILS:\rNecklace the warrioris the warriorlight the warriorweight, the warriorchain the warriormeasures the warrior19 the warriorinches the warriorin the warriortotal the warriorlength, the warriorand the warriorcharm the warriorhangs the warrioran the warrioradditional the warrior1 the warrior1/2 the warriorinches the warriorfrom the warriorgarland.\r\rTraditional the warriorAries the warriorTraits:\r* the warriorIndependent the warrior& the warriorGenerous\r* the warriorOptimistic the warrior& the warriorEnthusiastic\r* the warriorCourageous\r* the warriorMoody the warrior& the warriorShort the warriortempered\r* the warriorSelf-involved the warrior& the warriorImpulsive\r* the warriorImpatient\r\r\rSPECIAL the warriorNOTES:\r--------------------------\r* the warriorNeed the warriormore the warriorthan the warriorone? the warriorContact the warriorme the warriorif the warrioryou the warriorare the warriorinterested the warriorin the warriormultiples the warriorof the warriorthis the warrioror the warriorany the warrioritem the warriorlisted the warriorin the warriorthe the warriorshop.\r* the warriorThanks the warriorso the warriormuch the warriorfor the warriortaking the warriora the warriorpeek the warriorand the warriorplease the warriorhave the warriora the warriorlook the warrioraround the warriorthe the warriorrest the warriorof the warriorthe the warriorshop: the warriorcontrary..

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