Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

silver chain, 24 inch 925 sterling silver link chain lightweight necklace Perfect for my pendants rolo delicate thin simple shiny lobster clasp



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This metal.925 metalsterling metalsilver metallink metalchain metalwith metallobster metalclasp metaland metal.925 metalstamped metallinked metaltag. metalThis metallisting metalis metalfor metalone metal24" metalchain. metalThese metalgo metalgreat metalwith metalmy metalpendants metalor metalany metalpendant metalyou metalmay metalwant metalto metalwear! metalPretty metaland metalsimple metalnecklace metalfor metaleveryday!Need metalmore metalthan metalone, metaljust metalchange metalthe metalquantity metalin metalthe metallisting metalto metalhowever metalmany metalyou metalneed! metal16", metal18", metal20", metal22", metal24" metal& metal30" metalavailable metalseparately!Last metalphoto metalshows metalchain metalwhen metalworn metalwith metalmy metalbubble metalcharms, metalavailable metalseparately, metaland metalold metalstock metalbefore metalI metalswitched metalto metallobster metalclasp.

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