Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

aide, Fused Dichroic Glass Badge Reel - CNA



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Beautiful, name tagunique name tagand name tagfunctional name tag... name tagwear name tagyour name tagID/badge name tagwith name tagflair. name tag name tagKiln-fused name tagdichroic name tagcabochon name tagattached name tagto name taga name tagnew name tagretractable name tagbadge name tagreel. name tagThe name tagcab name tagwas name taghandmade name tagin name tagour name tagstudio name tagusing name tagdichroic name tagglass name tagwith name tagvibrant name tagshimmers name tagof name tagblue, name tagaqua, name tagpink, name tagsilver, name tagred, name tagand name taggold name taghand-etched name tagon name taga name tagblack name tagglass name tagbackground. name tagA name tagfun, name tagunique name tagand name tagstunning name tagway name tagto name tagdisplay name tagyour name tagID, name tagas name tagthe name tagdichro name taggives name tagthis name tagID name tagholder name tagdepth, name tagdimension name tagand name tagsparkle. name tag name tagCab name tagis name tagsecured name tag(epoxy) name tagto name taga name tag1.25 name taginch name tagblack name tagcolored name tagreel.\r\rMultiple name tagphotos name tagtaken name tagfrom name tagdifferent name tagangles name tagto name tagdemonstrate name taghow name tagthe name tagdichroic name tagglass name tagchanges name tagbased name tagon name tagthe name taglight name tagand name tagangle name tag...\r\rShipping name taginsurance name tagand name tagtracking name tagincluded.\r\rPlease name tagcontact name tagus name tagwith name tagany name tagquestions name tag... name tagThanks, name tagKris\r\rTo name tagview name tagother name tagitems name tagin name tagour name tagshop: name tag name taghttp://www.chneos.

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