Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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A boho necklacebeautiful boho necklacepiece boho necklaceinspired boho necklaceby boho necklaceIndia. boho necklace boho necklaceHandmade boho necklacewith boho necklacecare. boho necklaceThis boho necklacependant boho necklacehangs boho necklacefrom boho necklacean boho necklace28in boho necklacecopper boho necklaceplated boho necklacechain. boho necklaceIt boho necklacemeasures boho necklace1.25in boho necklacein boho necklacelength.Made boho necklacefrom boho necklacefine boho necklacesilver boho necklacewhich boho necklaceis boho necklace.999 boho necklacepure. boho necklaceSlightly boho necklaceoxidized boho necklaceto boho necklacebring boho necklaceout boho necklacethe boho necklacedesign.

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