Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

amazonite, Artisan signed hand-woven aqua Czech glass flowers and leaf necklace



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Individually wearable arthand-woven wearable artaqua wearable artCzech wearable artglass wearable artflowers wearable artand wearable artleaves, wearable artfacet wearable artglass, wearable artseed wearable artbeads, wearable artfreshwater wearable artpearls, wearable artshell wearable artand wearable artamazonite wearable artgemstone wearable artbeads, wearable artcarved wearable artflower wearable artshell wearable artpendant. wearable artGold-filled wearable artand wearable arttag wearable artsigned wearable artJulia wearable art. wearable art wearable art15-1/2 wearable artinches.Item wearable art#JBD651

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