Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

summer, 4 wrap Anchor braid necklace / bracelet- Handmade by Kitty



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WITH weavedORDERS weavedOVER weaved70$ weavedwe weavedoffer weavedFREE weavedSHIPPING. weavedPlease weaveduse weavedcode weavedFREESHIP weavedat weavedcheckout.Handmade weavedby weavedme weavedin weavedany weavedcolor weavedcombination weavedyou weavedcan weavedimagine.Rhodium weavedplated weavedbrass weavedanchor weavedand weavedpolyester weavedwaxed weavedcords.It weavedcan weavedbe weavedmade weavedin weavedcustom weavedlength weavedto weavedfit weavedexactly weavedyour weavedwrist. weavedIt weavedcan weavedalso weavedbe weavedworn weavedas weaveda weavednecklace weaved(65 weavedto weaved70cm weavedtotal weaveddiameter)If weavedyou weavedprefer weavedthe weavedpurple weavedsmalt weavedplated weavedanchor weavedplease weavedstate weavedit weavedon weavedthe weavednotes weavedduring weavedyour weavedorder.When weavedchoosing weavedyour weavedsize weavedONLY weavedCHOOSE weavedYOUR weavedWRIST weavedperiphery, weavedI weavedwill weavedmake weavedthe weaved4 weavedwrap weavedto weavedmatch weavedyour weavedwrist.

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