Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

romantic, Vintage Celluloid Rose Pendant Necklace



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Necklace flowercomprised flowerof flowera flowervintage flowercelluloid flowerpink flowerrose flowerpendant flowerhanging flowerfrom flowera flower24 flowerinch flowergold flowerplated flowerchain. flowerIt's flowergot flowera flowerromantic flowerfeel flowerto flowerit flowerand flowerbecause flowerthe flowerpendant floweris flowervintage flowerin flowernature, floweris flowerhas flowerminor flowerwear flowerthat flowerI flowerthink floweradds flowerto flowerthe flowercharm. flowerThe flowerflower flowerpendant flowermeasures flowerright floweraround flower1 flowerinch flowerin flowerdiameter.\r\rThanks flowerso flowermuch flowerfor flowertaking flowera flowerpeek, floweryou flowercan flowerfind flowerthe flowerrest flowerof flowermy flowerjewelry flowerline flowerhere: flowercontrary..

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