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Mauve postand postwhite postglass postearrings postwith postsurgical poststainless poststeel postfish posthooks. post postThe postglass postcabochons postwill postbe postepoxyed postto postplated post18 postkarat postgold postearring postbails. post post(Plated poststerling postsilver postis postalso postavailable postif postrequested) post22k postgold poststanding postcats posthave postbeen postadded postto postthe postcabochons postand postare postpermanently postkiln postfired. post post\r\r(Can postbe postmade postinto postpost poststyle postearrings postif postrequested.) post\r\rThe postglass postcabochons postof postthese postearrings, postmeasure postapproximately post3/4 postinch postin postdiameter.\r\rMy postjewelry postis postpresented postin posta postplastic postprotective postbag, postwhich postis postattached postto posta postdisplay postcard.

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