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pendant, 1ct -14kt White Sapphire Pendant



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This sri lankanis sri lankana sri lankanbeautiful sri lankan1ct.=6mm.This sri lankanWhite sri lankanSapphire sri lankanhales sri lankanfrom sri lankanSri sri lankanLanka sri lankan(Ceylon).Genuine sri lankanand sri lankanheat sri lankanonly, sri lankanhence sri lankanthe sri lankanclarity.Set sri lankanin sri lankana sri lankansimple sri lankan14kt sri lankansolid sri lankangold sri lankansetting.Beautiful sri lankansparkle sri lankanand sri lankanvery sri lankandiamond sri lankanlike.Color sri lankanDClarity sri lankanVVS/IFDiamonds sri lankanhave sri lankana sri lankanhardness sri lankanof sri lankan10 sri lankanSapphires sri lankana sri lankan9.So, sri lankanif sri lankanthey sri lankanask sri lankanis sri lankanit sri lankanreal? sri lankan sri lankan sri lankanThe sri lankananswer sri lankanis sri lankanYES!Can sri lankanbe sri lankanset sri lankanin sri lankanyellow sri lankangold sri lankanor sri lankanrose sri lankangold sri lankanupon sri lankanrequest.Chain sri lankannot sri lankanincluded.Layaway sri lankanavailable.

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