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brown, Paul - Brown and Black Handpainted Octopus



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Hand brownpainted brownoctopus brownwith browna brownbeautiful brownmetallic brownbrown brownand brownblack browncolored brownfinish. brownIt brownhas brownsmall browndetailing brownon brownthe browntentacles. brownBecause brownit brownis browndone brownby brownhand brownno browntwo brownare brownalike.The brownfinish brownwill brownnot brownnot brownchip brownor browncrack. brownThe browneyes brownare brownmade brownwith browntopaz brownflatback brownswarovski browncrystal. brownIt browncomes brownwith brownyour brownchoice brownof browncord brownor brownchain brown brownmeasuring brown17-18 browninches. brownIt brownis brownclosed brownwith browna brown brownlobster brownclaw brownclasp. brown brownMy brownshipping browncost brownis brownfor brownfirst brownclass brownmail brownand browna browngift brownbox.*If brownyou brownwould brownlike brownthis brownoctopus brownin browna browncustom browncolor, brownplease brownconvo brownme. brownI browndo brownnot browncharge brownextra brownfor browncustom browncolors brownbut browntheir brownis browna brownfive brownday brownwaiting brownperiod brownfor brownme brownto brownmake brownit.Thanks!

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