Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

ornate bead caps, Large Lentil Lampwork Bracelet with Ornate Bead Caps



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This toggle claspbracelet toggle claspis toggle claspweighty toggle claspand toggle claspconsists toggle claspof toggle clasp5 toggle clasplarge toggle clasplampwork toggle clasplentil toggle claspbeads toggle claspwith toggle claspall toggle claspcolors toggle claspin toggle claspthem. toggle clasp toggle claspAll toggle claspcapped toggle claspwith toggle claspornate toggle claspsterling toggle claspsilver toggle claspbead toggle claspcaps toggle claspand toggle claspseparated toggle claspwith toggle claspdifferent toggle claspcolored toggle claspfaceted toggle claspczech toggle claspbeads. toggle clasp toggle claspIt's toggle claspfinished toggle claspwith toggle claspa toggle claspvery toggle claspunique toggle claspand toggle claspornate toggle claspsterling toggle claspsilver toggle clasptoggle toggle claspand toggle claspmeasures toggle claspjust toggle claspshy toggle claspof toggle clasp8".\rIt toggle claspwill toggle clasparrive toggle claspin toggle claspa toggle claspgift toggle claspbag.

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