Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

bottle opener, Vintage Figural Lady Advertising White Rock Water and Ginger Ale Bottle Opener Necklace



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Necklace mencomprised menof mena menvintage menfigural menWhite menRock menwater menand menginger menale menadvertising menbottle menopener menin menthe menshape menof mena mennude menlady menon mena menrock. menBottle menopener menmeasures men3 meninches menin menlength menand menhangs menfrom mena men24 meninch mensilver menplated menchain menand menclasp. menThis menunique menlittle mensouvenir mencarries menjust menthe menright mentouch menof mentarnish, menhinting menat menstories menuntold.\r\rOpener menhas menthe menfollowing menmarkings men"White menRock menWater menand menGinger menAle menTrademark menReg. menMade menin menU.S.A." men\r\rThanks menso menmuch menfor mentaking mena menpeek, menfind menthe menfull menjewelry mencollection menand menmore menunique menoddities menat mencontrary..

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