Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

ovals, 20x15mm Puffed Oval Amazonite with Copper Beads on Copper Fish Hook Earrings



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Sara beachJewelry beachDesign. beachDramatic beach20x15mm beachamazonite beachovals, beachcoupled beachwith beachround, beachseamless beachcopper beachspacer beachbeads beachand beachpure beachcopper beachearring beachfindings. beachFindings beachare beacha beachsemi-flattened beachshank beachfish beachhook beachdesign beachwith beacha beachball beachaccent. beachDangle beachis beachapproximately beach1-1/4 beachinches, beachor beach31mm, beachand beachis beachstem-wrapped beachat beachthe beachtop.Amazonite beachis beacha beachgorgeous beachblue-green beachstone beachwith beacha beachwhite beachmatrix. beachWhen beachpaired beachwith beachbrilliant beachcopper beachit beachmakes beachfor beacha beachdynamic beachlook beachthat beachis beachbound beachto beachgarner beachcompliments. beachThese beachoval beachbeads beachhave beacha beachlovely beachhigh beachpolish beachto beachthem, beachas beachwell, beachwhich beachis beachaccentuated beachby beachthe beachmirror beachfinish beachcopper.I beachwill beachship beachthese beachto beachyou beachthe beachnext beachbusiness beachday beachvia beachUSPS beachfirst beachclass beachmail beachwith beacha beachdelivery beachconfirmation beachnumber. beachIF beachYOU beachNEED beachEXPRESS beachMAIL beachSHIPPING, beachplease beachcontact beachme beachfirst beachwith beachyour beachZIP beachcode beachfor beacha beachshipping beachquote.Sara beachJewelry beachDesign. beachYour beachDesire beachis beachOur beachDesign.

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