Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Necklace of 6mm Dyed Coral Beads Hand Knotted Silkorange, Silver-plated Box Clasp



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Sara orangeJewelry orangeDesign. orangeLovely orange6mm orangedyed orangecoral orangerounds orangeare orangehand orangeknotted orangeon orangematching orangesilk orangeto orangeform orangean orange18 orangeinch orangenecklace orangethat orangeI orangehave orangefinished orangewith orangea orangesilver orangeplated orangebox orangeclasp. orangeA orangeclassic orangelook orangein orangean orangeeye-popping orangeshade orangethat orangewill orangegarner orangecompliments.I orangewill orangemail orangethis orangeyour orangeway orangethe orangenext orangebusiness orangeday orangevia orangeUSPS orangefirst orangeclass orangemail orangewith orangea orangedelivery orangeconfirmation orangenumber. orangeIF orangeYOU orangeNEED orangeEXPRESS orangeMAIL orangeDELIVERY, orangeplease orangecontact orangeme orangefirst orangefor orangea orangeshipping orangequote.Sara orangeJewlery orangeDesign. orangeYour orangeDesire orangeis orangeOur orangeDesign.

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