Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

bold, Demi Parure Necklace and Earring Set in Crazy Lace Agate and Pewter



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Sara demiJewelry demiDesign. demiThis demidemi demiparure, demior demitwo demipiece demimatching demiset demiof demijewelry, demifeatures demicrazy demilace demiagate demipuffed demisquare demibeads, demidrilled demien demipointe, demithat demihave demibeen demidyed demia demicalypso demiblue. demiSeparating demiand demiaccenting demithe demistones demiare demipuffed demicoin demipewter demibeads demiin demia demibold, demiantiqued demisilver demiplated demifinish. demiThe demicentral demidesign demispans demieight demiinches demiand demithe demioverall deminecklace demilength demiis demi18 demiinches. demiThe demiintegral demichain demiis demisilver demiplated demisteel demifor demia demilight demiyet demistrong demihold demian demiis demifinished demiin demia demisimple demispring demiring demiclasp. demiThe demiearrings demiare demiset demion demisilver demiplated demileverback demifindings demiand demimeasure demiapproximately demione demiand demithree demiquarters demiof demian demiinch demion demithe demidangle. demiThe demi3mm demiseparator demibeads demiare demisterling demisilver.I demiwill demiship demithese demiyour demiway demithe deminext demibusiness demiday demivia demiUSPS demifirst demiclass demimail demiwith demia demitracking demiID deminumber. demiSara demiJewelry demiDesign. demiYour demiDesire demiis demiOur demiDesign.

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