Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Handmade Brass Battle Axe on Gold Vermeil Chain. Rusticcham, Metalcham, GoT



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Knotted norseonto norsea norsefine norsesterling norsesilver norseand norsegold norsevermeil norsechain, norsethis norseoxidized norseaxe norsependant norseis norsehandmade norseand norsecast norsevia norsethe norselost norsewax norsemethod.I norsefile norseand norsefinish norseeach norseitem norseby norsehand norsein norsemy norseworkshop. norseThe norsechain norseis norse16" norseand norsestamped norse925 norsefor norsesterling norsesilver. norseIt norseis norseplated norsewith norsegold(vermeil norsemeans norsesterling norsesilver norsewith norsegold norseoverlay).The norseloop norseattaching norsethe norsependant norsetakes norseup norsea norselittle norseless norsethan norsea norsequarter norseof norsean norseinch. norseThe norseaxe norseitself norseis norsejust norseover norse2" norselong. norseMatching norseearrings norseare norseavailable norsein norsemy norseshop!

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