Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Thai Silver Beaded Bracelet with Tiger Eyewrist, Stamped Floral Solid Beads. Hook Clasp.



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This cuffis cuffa cuffpretty cuffbracelet cuffstrung cuffon cuffbeading cuffwire cuffwith cuffa cuffsimple cuffhook cuffclasp. cuffA cuffnice cufffaceted cufftiger cuffeye cuffbead cuffin cuffthe cuffcenter cuffadds cuffa cufftouch cuffof cuffneutral cuffcolor, cuffand cuffshine. cuff\rThe cuffbeads cuffare cuffsolid cuffthai cuffsilver, cuffwhich cuffis cuffnickel cufffree cuffand cuffmore cuffpure cuffthan cuffsterling(which cuffis cuffonly cuff92.5% cuffpure).\rEach cuffbead cuffis cuffstamped cuffwith cuffan cuffabstract cufffloral cuffpattern. cuff\r7.5" cufflong, cuffstandard cuffbracelet cufflength.

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