Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Vintage Victorian Locketvintage, Black Female Bustvintage, on Gold. In fair conditionvintage,



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Vintage broachVictorian broachLocket, broachBlack broachFemale broachBust, broachon broachGold. broachIn broachfair broachcondition, broach\r\rPlease broachvisit broachmy broachshop, broachI broachgladly broachbundle, broachreduce broachshipping broachfees. broachThe broacheasiest broachway broachto broachdo broachthis broachis broachby broachrefunding broacha broachportion broachof broachyour broachpurchase broachwhen broachyou broachuse broachpaypal. broachThank broachyou broachfor broachviewing broachmy broachitem, broachI broachappreciate broachyour broachbusiness.

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