Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

custom, Sterling silver " D " shaped wire toe ring



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I customhave customfabricated customthis customtoe customring customfrom customsolid customsterling customsilver customwhich customI customhave custompassed customthrough customone customof custommy customcustom custommade customrollers customon custommy customrolling custommill customwith customa custom"D" customshape. customThis customis customroughly customa customsize custom5 customand customcan custombe customadjusted customfrom customa customsize custom5 customup customto customabout customa custom6. customI customhave customalso customincluded customsome customphotos customof custommy customother customstyles customof customtoe customrings customso custombe customsure customto customlook customthrough custommy customother customlistings customfor customthose. customI customcan customalso custommake customany customof customthese customrings customcustom customsizes customin customclosed customfinger customrings.\r custom customAs customwith customall custommy customrings, customthis customwill custombe customshipped customin customa customcrystal customstyle customjewel customcase customall customwith customfree customshipping.

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