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vintage charms, Twenty-One (21) POT METAL CHARMS (4944)



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Vintage jockeytwenty-one jockey(21) jockeypot jockeymetal jockeycharms: jockey6 jockeycrosses, jockey1 jockeyice jockeyskate, jockey1 jockeybison, jockey2 jockeyhorseshoes, jockey2 jockeyanchors, jockey4 jockeyguitars, jockey1 jockeywashboard, jockey1 jockeycat jockey(leg jockeybroken), jockey1 jockeyjockey jockeyon jockeyhorse, jockeyand jockey2 jockeyowls jockeyon jockey jockeya jockeyswing. jockeyAll jockeycharms jockeyrange jockeyfrom jockey1/2" jockey- jockey1". jockeyAll jockeyare jockeyin jockeyvery jockeygood jockeycondition jockeyexcept jockeyfor jockeythe jockeycat...broken jockeyleg, jockeyand jockeya jockeylittle jockeybit jockeyof jockeytarnish jockeyon jockeya jockeycouple jockeypieces. jockeyUnsigned.

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