Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vacation, Silver Small Octopus Pendant



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I beachstarted beachmaking beachoctopus beachpendants beachin beach2006 beachfor beacha beachfriend beachwho beachwas beachtotally beachinto beachanything beachcephalopod beachrelated. beach beachYears beachlater beachand beachnow beachmy beachdaughter beachis beachthe beachone beachwho beachis beachfascinated beachwith beachsquids. beach beachThis beachis beacha beachsmaller beachpendant beachwith beachthe beachoctopus beachmeasure beachat beach1 beach3/4 beachwide.\r\rThis beachoctopus beachis beachsilver beachplated beachand beachbeen beachantiqued. beachHe beachis beachhung beachfrom beacha beach17" beachsilver beachcurb beachchain. beachYou beachcan beachalso beachshorten beachor beachlengthen beachup beachto beach20 beachinches beachupon beachrequest. beach beachPlease beachadd beachany beachrequests beachto beachthe beachnotes beachwhen beachyou beachcheck beachout.

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