Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

good luck, Silver Wishbone Charm Necklace



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Necklace wish bonecomprised wish boneof wish bonea wish bonesilver wish boneplated wish bonewishbone wish bonependant wish bonethat wish bonehangs wish bonefrom wish bonea wish boneskinny wish bonesilver wish boneplated wish bonechain wish boneand wish bonewire wish boneclasp.\r\r* wish boneNecklace wish bonechain wish bonemeasures wish bone24 wish boneinches wish bonein wish bonelength.\r* wish boneWishbone wish bonecharm wish bonehangs wish bonean wish boneadditional wish bone1/2 wish bonean wish boneinch wish bonefrom wish bonechain.\r\rSPECIAL wish boneNOTES:\r--------------------------\r* wish boneNeed wish bonemore wish bonethan wish boneone? wish boneContact wish boneme wish boneif wish boneyou wish boneare wish boneinterested wish bonein wish bonemultiples wish boneof wish bonethis wish boneor wish boneany wish boneitem wish bonelisted wish bonein wish bonethe wish boneshop.\r* wish boneThanks wish boneso wish bonemuch wish bonefor wish bonetaking wish bonea wish bonepeek, wish boneyou wish bonecan wish bonefind wish bonethe wish bonerest wish boneof wish bonemy wish bonejewelry wish boneline wish bonehere: wish bonecontrary..

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